Ancine issues VOD regulation recommendations

Brazilian National Film Agency (Ancine) has presented its recommendations for a new VOD regulation in the country. The document was prepared after a public consultation and was presented on May 16 to the Superior Council of Cinema.

The body believes that the country needs a specific legislation for this market and even considers that this type of platforms, including Netflix, must be obliged to include a minimum percentage of Brazilian content in their catalogs.

According to Ancine, all companies offering access to audiovisual content in Brazil should be regulared, regardless of the location of its headquarters and the infrastructure for the provision of the service.

Ancine considers that 20% of the catalog of VOD services should be produced in the country, and half of this should be produced by independent companies. In addition, the agency recommends that providers make annual investments that would be calculated in relation to its revenue, and could reach up to 4%.

The regulator also recommends that suppliers pay the Condecine tax (a contribution to the development of the film industry) and proposes to modify the current model, that is to say, start taking into account a percentage of the annual gross revenue and not each title offered in the catalog, as currently happens.