Anatel approves new shareholding structure of TV Alphaville

Brazilian regulator Anatel approved new changes in the shareholding structure of TV Alphaville. Patrícia Abravanel will control the company with 55% of shares, while Guilherme Stoliar will hold the remaining 45%.

TV Alphaville is a pay TV operator that provides services in Barueri and Santana do Parnaíba, in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo.

Two years ago, the operator had to adapt its shareholding structure because the new Conditioned Access Law prevented the free-to-air TV channel SBT (owned by Silvio Santos) from having 49% of the shares. At that time, these shares were transferred to Patrícia Abravanel (one of Santos’ daughter) and the rest were divided between Herbeys Holding (28.5%), Ivanir Stoliar (15%), Renata Abravanel (6%) and Martim Prado Mattos (1.5%).

In the new structure, Renata Abravanel transferred her shares to Patrícia Abravanel and the other partners transferred their actions to Guilherme Stoliar.