Alejandro Sugich, CEO of SulaFilms: Any genre is attractive in virtual and augmented reality

The CEO of SulaFilms, Alejandro Sugich, spoke exclusively to NexTV News Latam about the new projects of the audiovisual production company in virtual and augmented reality. The executive had already anticipated that SulaFilms was working on this type of initiatives in NexTV Series Mexico & Central America 2016.   What projects are you working on now involving virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR)? In Virtual Reality, we are working on a channel and an app we created, called Omnistory, which will be available on Oculus. It is a channel of history through which you become a private investigator of most controversial events where in the end, you form your own judgment. In Augmented Reality, we are working on a project for a city in Switzerland where, through an app, you can know the history of monuments, famous corners, fountains and gardens, in an interactive and informative way supported by texts, graphics, motion, audio and video.   -When would these projects be ready? Omnistory VR will be launched in January 2017. Switzerland Augmented will be ready in May 2017.   -What are the most attractive genres for this type of projects? Any genre is attractive in VR and AR, we are dedicated more to culture and education, but we have worked in the field of medicine, energy and entertainment.   -Which is expected to have greater development: 4K or VR? Both, they do not compete with each other, but complement each other.   –What other audiovisual projects are you working on? In cinema, I am finishing my new film as a director with the tentative title “Helena”, produced by Gaston Pablovich, and I am pre-producing a soccer film called “Somos Once” (We are eleven). For TV, we are preparing two TV series and looking for partners, one is a comedy titles “Hermanos Salvador” (Salvador Brothers) and the other one is a drama called “Buenos Muchachos” (Good Boys). In VR, we are working on an entertainment project called “True Fiction”.   -What are the main trends in Film and TV business? I think that telling new stories with perspectives or points of view different from those already explored will definitely be the trend and has always been our line in SulaFilms and SumoVR.

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