Airtel Uganda and Facebook partner for 770km fiber optic deployment  

The agreement has been signed between Airtel Uganda, the mobile operator and Facebook, the American company, end of February this year. This partnership will allow the deployment of 770km of fiber optic across Uganda.

Before the end of this year, the telecom infrastructure will already be installed. Airtel Uganda will be working with the Bandwidth and Cloud Services (BCS) group, the company providing backhaul data and data services to mobile operators and Internet Service Providers.

“This initiative in Uganda is part of our overall strategy to improve connectivity everywhere, including in countries where access to undersea and international capabilities has been limited. Building on the lessons and results of our work in Uganda, we will work with other operators in other countries to extend this model, with the ultimate goal of helping local operators provide robust network coverage”, according to Facebook.

On completion of the project Airtel Uganda will be able to provide backhaul connectivity in the country, covering over 3 million people, in additional to the provision of cross-border connectivity with neighbouring countries.