AFDA and Zidaka call for film projects for StarTimes and Good TV

Producer Jeremy Nathan (Zidaka) and AFDA School of Film and Dramatic Art are looking for writers and directors of 20 x 52 minute films. Together, they will produce the 20 films as well as 10 x 6 minute webisodes of each film. These films will be screened on StarTimes South Africa, and the webisodes on the new video-on-demand (VOD) mobile channel, Good TV, towards the end of 2016.


In a statement issued by AFDA, the producers said: “We are looking for a new generation of filmmakers. You can have just finished studying at a film school, or been working in the industry for a few years. We are looking for filmmakers with a unique ‘cinematic voice’. You should not have directed either a TV series, or a feature film before.”


Zidaka and AFDA will produce 20 films of 52 minutes in length each. The films will be ultra-low budget in nature and style, but the brief states that this should be seen as an opportunity rather than a limitation. This project will make up a complete first season. All current available digital technology will be utilized in the production of the films, which will be high quality but low cost. The deadline for submissions is on 1 April 2016 and the final selection of projects will be announced on 18 April.