France 24 to invest more in local content for Africa

  • Q. Can you give us a broad overview of France 24 activities in Africa?
  • A. France 24 is the French public international broadcaster and we also have a radio station called RFI, and Monte Carlo Doualiya, which is broadcasting in Arabic.Regarding Africa, we have two channels available in 14 languages. Up to 18% of our audience comes from French speaking Africa. For instance, in Mauritius we are airing our channels through the DTT and via FTA. Moreover, we have set up an FM radio station in 2008 on the island. France 24 is watched by 29 million people every week in 14 capital cities of the African continent. We are available in 20 countries via DTT either on Pay TV operators offer or FTA channels. With the ongoing digital migration process in Africa, we are investing in the DTT technology to avoid being left behind.

  • Q. Talking about DTT in Africa, how is France 24 taking advantage of this new opportunities?
  • A. The digital migration process in Africa is a big challenge for all players to be able to stay present and relevant.  At France 24, we are diversifying our assets, for instance in Kenya and Uganda, we are present on two platforms. We are following the development of the technology very closely. For us the challenge is now more oriented toward the English-speaking countries than the French ones.

  • Q. What are France 24 plans for the years to come? Any partnerships with producers or broadcasters?
  • A. We are still going for partnership with national broadcaster in Africa to launch our channels on their platform. We have three radio stations with African languages such as Swahili and next year we will  be launching a new one. Our objectives for the next future is the creation of more local content, more cultural support which we are already doing via numerous contest in Africa. Regarding digital distribution, our website is already getting more than 16.5 million visit monthly.