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Argentine cooperatives to denounce on not-granted TV licenses

Cooperative members who complained to the Argentinian National Communications Agency (Enacom) about the delays in granting TV licenses to more than 30 entities are still waiting for an answer. Most of the files are under Competition Defense National Commission (CNDF) possession, with all the deadlines stipulated by the State, which have been largely defeated, according [...]

Denuncia de Claro Brasil contra Fox y Turner llega a alegaciones finales

El cuestionamiento que realizó Claro Brasil en la Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Anatel), donde puso en duda el modelo de direct-to-consumer de Fox y Turner, continúa su curso. El área técnica de la agencia dio un plazo de 10 días para que las compañías denunciadas presenten sus alegaciones finales. La cuenta comienza a partir de [...]

Claro Brazil’s complaint against Fox and Turner reaches final arguments

Complaint made by Claro Brazil at Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), where it questioned Fox and Turners  direct-to-consumer model, continues its course. The agencys technical area gave a 10 day period for the reported companies to present their final arguments, starting from the allegations reception. Anatel can formulate a technical position until the end of [...]

AT&T quiere quedarse con Sky y otros canales pagos de Brasil

Cumplimos al 100% la Ley Brasileña, aseguró Michael Hartman, vicepresidente senior de AT&T al periódico Estado de San Pablo en relación a la decisión que deberán tomar la Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Anatel) y la Agencia Nacional de Cine (Ancine) de Brasil, que  definirán si AT&T podrá continuar prestando contenido por satélite a Sky y [...]

AT&T wants to manage Sky and other Brazilian pay TV channels

We follow Brazilian Law at 100%, said Michael Hartman, AT&T senior vice president to Paulist newspaper Estado, related to the decision that Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and National Film Agency (Ancine) must make, in which they will define whether AT&T will be able to continue providing satellite content to Sky and other channels such [...]

Network provider du to double broadband speeds free of charge in UAE

du communicated that their broadband speeds have been doubled for all new and existing Triple Play Home subscribers, permanently for free. New and existing triple play du home subscribers now have access to better value and faster connectivity free of charge. Regarding the constant development of data consumption on the du network, which has improved by 200 per cent over [...]

Jamcell Telecommunication Network to begin operations in Liberia

Liberia’s telecommunications market is enriched by a new broadband Internet service provider. The Telecommunications Authority (LTA) has just granted an individual universal license to JamCell. Jamcell will be able to evolve in the Data segment, but also to offer voice and video services. JamCell will be offering Triple Play across the country. JamCell will offer [...]

Starz Play to expand in South Africa

During his speech in the fiscal Q3 earnings call, the CEO of Lionsgate, Jon Feltheimer, declared Starz and Lionsgate could possibly plan international growth for the streaming platform. Furthermore, Feltheimer declared the combination would allow Starz to scale effectively across multiple territories with our existing partners with whom weve already launched and with new global [...]

Grupo Acon quiere alcanzar 600 mil suscriptores brasileños en tres años

Cabo Telecom, empresa de telecomunicaciones brasileña que pertenece al estadounidense Acon Investments, realizará una inversión de USD 26,9 millones de dólares anuales en infraestructura para alcanzar las 600 mil suscriptores en un plazo de entre 3 y 4 años. Así lo informó Gilbert Minionis, CEO de la compañía. Grupo Acon desembarcó en Brasil con la [...]

Acon Group to reach 600 thousand Brazilian subscribers in three years

Cabo Telecom, a Brazilian telecommunications company which belongs to US Acon Investments, will make an infrastructure USD 26.9 million inversion per year to reach 600 thousand subscribers in a between 3 and 4 years period, as reported by Gilbert Minionis, CEO of the company. Grupo Acon landed in Brazil buying Cabo Telecom (Natal) and Multiplay [...]