Da Vinci Media enters strategic agreements with Maska Pav and Fourth Dimension

Recently launched HD channel Da Vinci Learning has strike a deal with media production Maska Pav and media outsourcing firm Fourth Dimension Media Solutions.

Maska Pav will deliver on-air promotions and packaging of content for Da Vinci Learning in India. Maska Pav is a 360-degree media production house that produces content for digital series, television commercials, music videos, television shows, documentaries, etc.

Fourth Dimension Media Solutions will be responsible for finding advertisers, developing and maintaining relationships and intensify the channel presence across the country.

The objective of these partnerships is to create and develop compelling advertising and marketing solutions for brands that partner Da Vinci Learning.

“We see a huge demand for soft skill-based knowledge programming that is fun and interactive. These partnerships will enable us to cater to the market in a customised format and help amplify our presence across the country. We have entrusted our partners with a valuable mandate and are confident that their expertise will help us in developing widespread and integrated relationships within the industry eco-system,” said Da Vinci Learning India managing director Mohit Anand.

“Our collaboration with Da Vinci will allow us to enliven our vision of creating content with lasting impressions. We are looking forward to supporting Da Vinci Learning in showcasing their differentiated content that is safe and relevant for entertaining the whole family,” added Kirk Peter, Maska Pav Productions managing director, founder and promoter.

“Da Vinci Learning’s mandate for us is being truly valued by our team. Our association demonstrates the commitment towards delivering results and the understanding of the market space. It is just the beginning and we look forward to translating our plans into actual delivery in terms of strengthening the brand presence across India,” the CEO of Fourth Dimension CEO explained.