CNN-IBN to flourish after new content agreement between TV18 and CNN

TV18 and CNN both announced their renewed partnership will continue in order to build on the success of the news channel CNN-IBN.

Being one of India’s leading television broadcast networks, TV18 had already launched into a partnership with American news giant CNN. The new agreement will provide both parties the opportunity to take the partnership to next level, enabling CNN-IBN viewers to stay ahead on news from around the world and across multiplatform.

Announcing the extension, Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman, Network18 said, “We are delighted to announce the renewal of this extremely cherished partnership between two most respected brands in journalism. In this second term of our collaboration, we aim to present a brand new CNN-IBN that will bring news with even greater speed, accuracy, clarity and credibility and keep the viewers tuned to global developments much ahead of others. We also intend to cut through the noise and clutter that is currently present in the Indian television news space and offer best practices of journalism that will lead to better understanding of issues. The channel will organize meaningful debates and raise issues that touch the lives of our viewers. With this renewed partnership, we will enhance the process of newsgathering and delivering it to our viewers by informing and enlightening.”

The renewed collaboration will see CNN-IBN benefit from its global partner in many ways. Not only will there be synergy in the television and digital medium, the IBN network will be able to raise its knowledge bar and stay ahead of the news curve.

“We are delighted to have entered into another long term partnership with TV18 that builds on the success we have achieved already for CNN-IBN. We embark on this next chapter with a new management team and a renewed determination to double down on our investments to refresh the brand and support TV18 in ramping up their digital initiatives in 2016 so as to further enhance relevance for the global-minded Indian audience. I’m delighted CNN-IBN is staying in our family of CNN-branded channels around the world that includes CNN Turk, CNN Chile, CNN Philippines, CNN Indonesia and CNN Greece,” said Rani Raad, Chief Commercial Officer, CNN International.