Kid’s specials on Cartoon Network and Pogo for Diwali

Turner International India’s kids’ channels cartoon network and Pogo had set up a week-long special line-up during the festive season. New movies, specials and contests which include a chance to win a visit to Singapore, have been roped for the kids.

Cartoon Network will also be celebrating the birthday of popular Indian cartoon character Kris from the ‘Roll No. 21’ series with a weeklong stunt according to Television Post. Viewers will be able to tune in to ‘Kris ka Dhamakedar Birthday’ from November 9 to 14at 10.30 am to watch movies and specials including Salman Khan’s latest cameo in the ‘Kris Sang Salman Aayo’ special on the channel.

The channel will also present ‘Lights camera Roll No. 21: Ticket to Bollywood’, a new movie featuring Kris making his Bollywood debut, on November 14 at 10.30 am.

To maintain the spirit of gifts during this festive season, six kids will have the chance to win an invite to celebrate the birthday of Kris. They will have to tune in to the ‘Kris ka Dhamakedar Birthday’ contest from November 9 to 14.

Meanwhile Pogo will telecast new movies, specials and a chance to win a trip to Singapore in the ‘Dholakpurwali Diwali’ stunt November 9 to 13. Back-to-back ‘Chhota Bheem’ movies and specials will be aired throughout the week from 9 am onwards.

On November 11, Pogo will feature a new movie called ‘Chhota Bheem: Dinosaur World’s at 12 pm. Bollywood star Salman Khan will also make his third appearance on the channel in ‘Prem Dilwala aur Bheem Dholakpurwala’ on November 12.

However, the biggest giveaway for the kids this Diwali will be the opportunity to win a holiday to Singapore. All they have to do is participate in the Dholakpurwali Diwali contest from November 9 to 13 and answer the questions.